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Lebanon Student StarPack 2011
   [Download Lebanon Student StarPack Winners of 2011]
More than 700 people attended the ceremony ranging from ministers, ambassadors, UN agencies, professors, people from leading head of economic associations ,industrialists, businessmen, students and media representatives.
Lebanon Student StarPack unleashed the creativity and talents of 240 students and led to a number of outstanding new packaging projects from Lebanon and the Region.
Through Lebanon Student StarPack, LibanPack created a bridge between the young generation of future graphic designers & industrial engineers and industrialists, reinforcing its role as a platform of exchange and as an incubator for links and first contacts to evolve into long-term work relationships.
Several Students’projects presented this year have attracted the attention of the Juding Panel that is composed of art directors, operating in the largest advertising agencies, representatives of leading Packaging & food industry in the country and members of the Board of LibanPack.
The competition awards three categories: visual category (involving completely new or improved graphics (lifting) of a product), the structural category (comprised of innovative structural packaging or improved functionality of an existing packaging) and finally the category of packaging Nougat and “Malban” (it comes to designing innovative packaging) newly introduced at the initiative of the Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industries. An exhibition at the UNESCO Palace showing the Students’ projects will follow the award ceremony. Prizes awarded by the jury are as follows: 3 prizes for the visual category, 3 prizes for the structural category and 2 prizes for the Nougat and “Malban” category. A trophy was presented by LibanPack Board of Directors to encourage the participation of Jordan’s Students. Futhermore a Prize for Sustainability was also awarded by BankMed & the first prize for Structural category was awarded by UNIPAK member of INDEVCO Group.

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