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LibanPack Innovation Parc at Horeca 2012
LibanPack exhibited at Horeca for the fourth year in a row, this time with a Packaging Innovation Parc that is the first of its kind in Lebanon and the region.

Four themes were displayed. Those were:

Limited Editions, which focused on the aesthetic appeal of special packages collected from around the world. LibanPack collected examples of limited editions of creative package applications from the global market to reflect the trend towards aesthetic packaging designs and innovative packaging solutions to lure consumers is increasing in the food and beverage industry,

Sustainable Packaging, which featured products that demonstrate the integral part that sustainability plays in innovation of packaging. LibanPack exhibited the most recent advance sin sustainable packaging driven by leading food and packaging industries worldwide.

Smart Packaging, which showcased the different applications of packaging beyond the protection of food.Newest technologies have introduced ‘smart’ packaging that allows consumers to be well informed about the quality of food. The Innovation Parc featured some of the most avant-garde smart packaging for food & beverages.

A centerpiece of the innovation Parc was the work of Lebanese university students who participated in and presented winning projects for the annual Lebanon Student Star Pack Contest. A champion of local talent, LibanPack created StarPack as a vehicle for unleashing the creativity of university students.

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