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Food Packaging Conference
Packaging is gaining increased attention among industrialists as its role, not only from the functional aspect (protection from contaminants both physical and chemical, increase of shelf life….) but also increasingly from the marketing aspect, is growing exponentially.

The welcome address included words by Mrs. Soha Atallah, LibanPack director, Dr. Fadi Gemayel, LibanPack President, Mr. Munir Bsat representing Mr. Georges Nasraoui, President of the Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industries, Mr. Nemat Frem President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, Mrs. Ruth Flint Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon, Mr. Khaled el Mekwad UNIDO Regional representative and By HE Mr. Elias Hanna representing HE Mr. Vrej Sabounjian, Minister of Industry.

Ms. Atallah highlighted how LibanPack is seeing its mission justified not only through the expansion of exports of Lebanese products to foreign markets, but also through the regionalization of the support that LibanPack is bringing to SMEs in Jordan, Oman and Palestine; She also underlined the expansion of the Lebanese Student Star Pack contest, a packaging contest and event organized by LibanPack to countries such as Jordan, and Egypt and announced that LibanPack is now an accredited body from the CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) to provide courses on Food Safety.
Dr. Fady Gemayel noted that packaging can add up to 65% of product price depending on the product, underlining the “silent salesman” role of packaging nowadays. Mr. Mounir Bsat stressed on the role of packaging as a differentiation tool for food products on national and international markets. Mr. Frem highlighted the fact that packaging opened new markets for Lebanese industrial production. Mr. Khaled el Mekwad underlined the role of LibanPack as a link between the new generation of designers and the industrial world. Mrs. Flint expressed her happiness at witnessing the expanding role of LibanPack in the region and at the increasing competitiveness of Lebanese products on international markets.

The speakers included representatives of the private sector who dealt with topics such as in-mold labeling, vacuum packaging and paper packaging; representatives of the Industrial Research Institute and of the Lebanese American University covered the issue of packaging testing, both chemical and physical, two important considerations to minimize losses during storage, handling and transport, whereas a representative of the American University of Beirut dealt with the microbiological angle of the role of packaging in food safety issues. LibanPack covered the topic of food packaging and labeling for export markets. Ms Atallah addressed the topic of contamination of food products by packaging materials whereas Mr. Fady Fayyad tackled the issue of the importance of GMPs in Food packaging; the legislative framework of food grade packaging materials was addressed by a Libnor representative , whereas the issue of brand loyalty was addressed by a speaker from Impact BBDO. 

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