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Lebanon Student StarPack 2016 Ceremony and Exhibition
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LibanPack, the Lebanese Packaging Center has organized the Award Ceremony and Exhibition of Lebanon Student StarPack 2016 for the seventh year in a row, with the support of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). This year, 400 university students from Lebanese, Egyptian, Tunisian and Moroccan leading universities have participated in the contest.

The Award Ceremony took place at the Union of Arab Chambers Venue in Beirut on Wednesday June 1, 2016 under the Patronage and presence of H.E. the Minister of Industry, Dr. Hussein Al Haj Hassan. Around 500 persons attended the ceremonyfrom industrialists, ambassadors, and representative of economic associations, professors and students.

The award ceremony was followed by an exhibition that featured the innovative projects of all participating students.

Ms. Soha Atallah,LibanPack Director, inaugurated the ceremony and explained how the competition was launched with the support of UNIDO in 4 main Arab countries: Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Ms. Atallah added that the competition reinforce the role of LibanPack in spreading and improving the packaging positioning in the Lebanese and Arab industry.
Ms. Atallah stated that despite the difficult situation in Lebanon and the Arab Region, we should still have hope and great expectation from creativity and the resilience of the Arab Youth. Ms. Atallah announced that next year 2017, StarPack will becomes Arab StarPack with the support of UNIDO and it will be launched in an extensive number of Arab Countries.

In his speech, Dr. FadyGemayel, President of ALI(Association of Lebanese Industrialists) and President of the LibanPackstated that the competition is an important occasion to unleash the creativity and innovation of Lebanese and Arab Students. Dr. Gemayel also expressed his appreciation to UNIDO for supporting LibanPack in making the competition a regional one and in highlighting the marketing role that packaging is playing to improve the competitiveness of national products.

He revealed the fact that the Lebanese industrial exports have dropped dramatically, but he confirmed that this is not related to the quality of the Lebanese industry however it is only related to the security situation at the borders of Lebanon and mainlywith Syria.
Dr. Gemayel encouraged official authorities in Lebanon to provide all theneed support to LibanPack so it to continue in his active role and mission in improving packaging and branding.

His Excellency, the Minister of Industry, Dr. Hussein Al-Haj Hassan highlighted the importance of the young talents in Lebanese universities and their positive impact on the Lebanese industry. The Minister discussed the problems facing the Lebanese industry mainly the dumping of cheap industrial exports and the lack of protective measures for the local production similar to those adopted by neighboring and even European countries. The Minister encouraged the students and all the economic association to shift from being a consumer society to be a productive society.

The minister concluded, “Lebanon is passing through a critical political and security period that is affecting all the sectors of the Lebanese Economy including its industry“.

Ms. Christiane Saab, member of the Judging panel of StarPack and Head Design of Impact BBDOexplained to the audience the judging criteria that was adopted to grade the students projectsand how winning projects where selected.Ms. Saab explained the various categories of the competition including the new established category Save the food.Ms. Saab also explained how top 3 winners where selected from the 4 participating countries and how all the  first winners competed to the Pan Arab Category .

The ceremony was presented by Ms.  JessyTradKastoun, and included a distinctive Violinistperformance by Ms. Vanessa Nassar.

The competition was divided into three categories: the visual packaging design category, the structural packaging  design category and a new category save the food. Furthermore a prize for creative Packaging design was awarded by Unipak. 3 Winners from each participating countries were announced as well as a Pan Arab Winner for the visual and structural Category

Lebanon winners
Structural Category winners:
1 st Prize Winner: Sarah Hayek-RHU
2 nd Prize Winner: Wael Barbar- LCU
3 rd Prize Winner: Darine Dallah- IUL
3 rd Prize Winner: Amar Al Hossari- RHU
Visual Category Winners:
1 st Prize Winner: Layane El Khawli- LAU- Beirut
2 nd Prize Winner: Rabih Ramadan- RHU
3 rd Prize Winner:  Fatima Nasser- LIU
3 rd Prize Winner: Soha Farhat- Lu - Hadath
Unipak Creative Packaging Design Award:Dina Aoun- RHU
Save the Food   :Dalia Siblini- USJ

Egypt Winners
1 st Prize Winner:Tasneem Ali from Helwan University
2 nd Prize Winner: Nariman Elewa from Helwan University
3 rd Prize Winner: Mohamed Sakr from Helwan University
Tunisia Winners
1 st Prize Winner :Yasmine Chaabane from ESSTED university
2 nd Prize Winner: Rihab Bouziri from ESSTED university
3 rd Prize Winner: Hayfa Marrak from ESSTED university
Morocco Winners
1 st Prize Winner :Tayeb El Fidali from Artcom Sup univedrsity
2 nd Prize Winner: Omar Ben Jamaa from Artcom Sup university
3 rd Prize Winner: Nacar Imami from Artcom sup University

Pan Arab Winners
Visual : Tayeb El Fidali- Morocco
Structural: Sarah Hayek- Lebanon

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