One of the main objectives of LibanPack is education. LibanPack offers trainings , workshops and technical support to companies and food industries on Marketing, Packaging and Food Safety and other topics .Please note that we can also offer customized trainings on depending on the needs of each company. Our training are recognized and approved by CIEU and WPO.

Here is a provisional list of our trainings:

1.    Introduction to Marketing and Branding
2.    The Fundamentals of Packaging Technology
3.    The Importance of Packaging as a Marketing Tool
4.    Packaging &Labeling Regulations
5.    Packaging for Agricultural Produce
6.    Sustainable Packaging
7.    Latest Technologies for Printing
8.    Packaging Distribution& Transportation
9.    Package Testing and Quality Control
10.  Food Packaging
11.  Properties and Uses of Metal, Glass Packaging and Industrial    
12.  The Role of Plastics and Flexible Packaging Applications
13.  Paper and PaperBoard
14. Packaging Priciples & Packaging Materials
15. Legalities of Packaging
16. Active Packaging - Printing Processes.
17. Marketing Aspect of Packaging.